The Woman Behind Angela Nagle

Angela Nagle’s book ‘Kill All Normies’ is a fairly quaint work and Angela herself is very lovely (for a liberal). However, she is just the apprentice, still pulling the price tags off her tool set.

Angela Nagle has written only one book but as you will see later in order to complete one of these Common Purpose degrees at University College Dublin you have to agree to become an ‘activist.’

There is one woman above all behind Nagle: Kathleen Lynch, her tutor and mentor.

Kathleen is from an old left family in Ireland. she is incredibly candid in the books that she writes about her beliefs in virtually all forms of socialism and collectivism.

In my time, I have come across a lot of fake scholars; this woman is not one of those. She has published well received treatise on University governance, academics and globalism. She has written books on various social justice issues.

In true socialist fashion, Lynch describes Universities who have been taken over by the Marxists as having tanked in the ratings because of the World Bank. Leftist Universities in the West are tanking on the global ratings because no one wants to send their children to Marxian universities for indoctrination.

Lynch effectively says that this tanking is due to the ‘World Bank’ releasing their reports on these lefty scholars through a system of ‘surveillance’ by the OECD.

I researched a little bit into the system and it appears that she could well be right to a degree. What is up for debate though is are the globalists using these supranational bodies to manipulate our Universities for their own ends or to combat radical leftism?

Who knows, Read up here…

Kathleen, who taught Nagle lays out the deal in this video.

Kathleen Lynch, as with many of the older, non-public facing activists love their little semi-secretive talks. These talks are a brilliant source of things to bring to the debate table when confronting the likes of Nagle.

One quote sums it all up.

“Human intelligence is another great 19th century Eugenicist myth.”

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