No Life Without Jihad Part Two

Although blind adherence to Islam is at the root of our most pressing problem, jihad, the general phenomenon of fundamentalism is not specific to any particular religion; it is common to many belief systems. Fanatical adherents of any faith or ideology become victims – and perpetrators – of lies, abuse and violence in furtherance of their cause, when they develop a simplistic and supremacist world and moral view, following literal, superficial readings of tracts or scriptures, devoid of any connection to rational and critical analysis. Such fanaticism may arise in both the long-time indoctrinated believer and the new convert, eager to gain acceptance from his new-found brothers.

Our modern world may sometimes feel as if technology has reduced the individual to simply a game-playing button pusher, relevant only as a consumer of mass-produced goods and superficial entertainment, in education, relationships, work and leisure. Whether through computer games, conspiracy theories or other media, the undeveloped mind sees greater excitement, life and opportunities for heroism, popularity and power through battles such as Modern Warfare, Tomb Raider, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Even though hyper-realistic, such escape from reality is ultimately unsatisfying. Every culture needs its heroes; all cultures have a need to celebrate heroes; everyone needs an identity and an opportunity for heroism. Where, in our risk-assessed, politically correct, litigatious and sterile ‘reality TV’ society do the young, particularly young men, get the chance to be a hero?

Young people, especially in the target age group, teens and twenties, are of an age where the mind is not yet fixed. The young mind is unstable; this can be a boon for youthful flexibility and learning, but is also a handicap. Functional individuals retain the mind’s agility by regularly exploring new ideas. Those less able to discriminate are susceptible to indoctrination and brainwashing. In Western lands of moral vacuum, where Islam is protected as a ‘respectable faith’, the Islamic State attracts young Moslems by appearing to offer this chance, an opportunity for quick and easy heroism. Unfortunately the reality is unimaginably worse than its financial equivalent, the get rich quick scheme.

“Come, join us,” they say, through Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dabiq, Inspire, that Brother at the Mosque, the university Islamic society and the dark, dark Internet. “Just fight the righteous battle, take your AK-47, aim and in an instant, you’re a hero, here or in heaven, Allah willing.” If you believe the pitch, it’s a very attractive offer. Western establishments fail to address the issue of Islamic ‘radicalisation’ because they are afraid to rationally understand, address or criticise the basic, fundamental beliefs of Islam. Those basic beliefs are axiomatically the basis for ‘radicalisation’. Islamic terror cannot be understood or defeated without understanding those basic beliefs. According to some schools of psychology, we have five ‘brains’, the fifth of which is the heart. If a person is not exposed to true love and spirituality by the age of around 14-15, they will attach themselves to whatever they can. It’s like that experiment where a baby monkey will choose the soft toy mother over a metal feeding teat. Some get obsessed with sex, drugs, rock & roll, rock climbing or motor biking; some choose orthodox Islam.

It feels like we’re back in some science-fiction version of 1930s Munich, all over the Western world. The German Religion of the Golden Dawn has billions of members worldwide. Many members become ‘extremists’ and join the Sacred Sabres. Governments profess the greatest respect to ‘Golden Dawn’ as a ‘World Religion’ and are baffled at how young adherents could possibly misinterpret this ‘Religion of Peace’. While Western nations encourage steadily more strident Wahhabi and Salafi schools of Islam to fill their moral and cultural vacuum, the fallout from Bush and Blair’s disastrous 9/11 wars and the Arab ‘Spring’ have created an equally dangerous power vacuum in the badlands of Iraq and Syria.

Where governments cannot govern, warlords and other rivals step in. The Islamic state provides a unique yet inevitable USP (Unique Selling Point) in terrorist competition: the ‘ultimate Islam’. Only the Islamic State, with its ‘caliphate today’, its original, authentic 7th century lifestyle, practices ‘real Islam’; all those other ‘supposedly’ ‘Islamic’ countries’ are just wishy-washy apostates, ripe for assimilation. We have many human needs; many act in seeming opposition, taking precedence at different times like a pair of muscles on a limb. Our existential needs include both those to control or dominate, and to obey or surrender. We oscillate between the two, at different times, and in different ways. In this, as much else, jihadists lack the first degree of balance.

According to a UN report released in April 2015 , Over 25,000 mainly young Moslems have now travelled from all over the world to join the Islamic State, indicating that imams and other Moslem authorities are singularly failing to communicate to all too many young Moslems the ‘true, peaceful Islam’. The BBC reported in February 2015, (Sharia4Belgium trial: Belgian court jails members ) estimates that France has sent over 1,300 young Moslem jihadists to Syria. The UK and Germany have sent around 600 each; Belgium 350, Sweden 300, Netherlands 150, then Kosovo and Denmark, 100 each. Kosovo heads the jihad table proportionately, with 66 openly psychopathic war criminals per million population, Belgium has 40, Sweden 30, France and Denmark around 20, then most other European nations around 10 or fewer.

Spain is at the bottom of the table, with only 1.5 jihadists per million. This may have something to do with its almost 800-year long war against Islamic occupation, and its robust treatment of ‘radical’ preachers such as Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, imam of the Fuengirola mosque. In 2004, Mustafa was prosecuted and handed a sentence of 15 months for publishing a book, La mujer en el Islam (Women in Islam), which included passages from the Koran and explained how to beat up a woman without leaving any visible signs. The judge rightly described him as a “danger to society.” These psychopaths aren’t simply off their heads; they’re savage, cold-blooded mass murderers who think they are morally justified in their actions; more-or-less the worse kind of killer really. Jihadists are single-minded, simple-minded fanatics, with no opinions of their own beyond following their leader and the Koran. The Islamic, or Satanic State is composed of sub-human Toxic Waste, and at the root of all Islamic State ideology and actions are the Koran, Sunnah and Hadiths.

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