No Life Without Jihad Part One

On 19 June 2014, the Islamic State’s propaganda wing, Alhayat (“life”) Media Centre, released a recruitment video, There is no Life without Jihad , apparently filmed in Syria. The video is in English, mixed with many Arabic/Islamic terms. It incites Moslems from around the world to join the Islamic State’s jihad, and may be considered a statement of the movement’s attitudes and aims. There is no need to analyse a large number of such communications: The Islamic State’s ideology does not change from month to month or from year to year. Indeed, it goes back to the original concept of jihad dating from the time of Islam’s foundation. Just as a 3D hologram can be projected from any small part of its 2D medium, so can we understand the Islamic State from a small portion of its actions and communications.

The following is an unedited transcript of the first speech:


Several well-hard-looking young male Islamic State jihadists are shown walking and carrying guns through a jungle path, then the video fast-rewinds and shows them sitting in an idyllic glade with the Islamic/State flag, chanting in Arabic. The graphics are worthy of a Soho advertising agency. The guys look awfully serious.
‘Brother Abu Muthanna al Yemeni’ (Nasser Muthana, a graduate of the Portsmouth [UK] Dawah Team, in a Jafaican accent, to background of Arabic chanting) begins:

“Oh you who believe, answer the call, of Allah and his messenger, when he calls you, to what gives you life. A man of culture, he says that what gives you life, is jihad. I know by Allah that this is the land of jihad and the land of hayat [life], the land of living

We have brothers from Bangladesh, from Iraq, from Cambodia, Australia, the UK. Nothing has gathered us except to make alayazjust with the highest, that’s all we’ve came for. And when you want to know who is upon the hap [luck], my brothers and sisters, you need to look at the hadith [‘tradition’, or teachings, deeds and sayings of Mohammed] of the prophet Mohammed, alayhi as-salam [peace be upon him]. He says the land of [Bilad al-] Sham [Syria] is the best of lands, from Allah shozad. Allah shozad has stofar, he has made this the best of his lands, and he chooses the best of people to come here [Moslems consider themselves the ‘Best of all Peoples’, as revealed in the Koran]. So you see, where the mujahedeen [those who struggle in the path of Allah] are, and this is the biggest evidence that they are upon the hap. And wehelehihan, I don’t know anybody else that has as many mujahedeen [jihadists] as we do. We have, people from all over the world, whelelhan.

And also about the issue of sobhana law, fighting to make our laws with the highest. A lot of people think, it’s just to put, this flag, over their building. Bayala it’s not that. It’s implementing the law of Allah zojel. Allah zoparen tells us, to fight until there is no fitna [temptation, trial; sedition, civil strife]. And when you look at what the meaning of fitna is, the majority of the mufassireen [scholarly interpreters of the Koran] explain it, specifically to be shirk [intentionally causing harm to Allah or his religion, or idolatry].

And by Allah other than implementing the law of allah a jozel, and fighting the enemies of Allah, you see no-one who does it like us, worolehi han, and we are a state who is implementing the shik, and both Allah and shan, and look at the soldiers we understand no borders weleham, we have, participated in battles in Sharan [a town in Syria], and we will go to Iraq in a few days and we will fight there bethekele, and come back, and we will even go to Jordon and Lebanon, with no problems, wherever our chief wants to send us, and again.

I want to send a message to my chief: alshobak abebi, alreaka alomedhi amegaomaeh. I send you this message and I want to let you know, that the hope of this ummna [community of Moslems] is in your neck, by Allah, the hope of this ummna is in your neck. I say the third time, the hope of this ummna is in your neck. We hope in the jirapha [test], it’s imminent, whether it’s by us or those after us, but we know it will be imminent, and by Allah, I speak to you from the heart, billah azujel, and I want to let you know, don’t fear the blame of the blamers and be firm, and don’t change at all. And bejenaswi are with you. Send us, we are your shap, arrs, your enemies, wherever they may be. And bijwajozel the bo which goes all the way over and under us.”

This message is clearly aimed at committed Moslems with a good understanding of the Koran and Islamic/Arabic terminology. Its purpose is to justify the Islamic State’s actions and ideology, to glorify the Islamic jihadists, and recruit more jihadists from other countries.

To summarise, the Islam State states clearly that the real meaning of life is to prosecute jihad, fight non-Moslems and institute ‘Allah’s law’ – sharia. It is the holy and most important duty of anyone who believes in Islam to follow and obey Allah’s messenger (Mohammed, the Islamic State and its representatives). The Islamic State has the biggest jihad army, and this proves in itself that it is right (‘Might is right’ is at the core of Islamic theology). The only reason for this war is to please Allah. Moslems have come from all over the world, from Moslem and non-Moslem countries to fight. They are achieving great military success, and will achieve even more, easily. Syria is the greatest country to live and practice jihad. They have full faith in their leader and in a literal following of Mohammed and the Koran. They will fight until there is no temptation, trial, sedition or civil strife; in other words, they will fight forever, or perhaps until the world resembles such hellholes as Somalia.

Islamic State jihadists are idealistic and fundamentalist people. They serve a mafia-like organisation and see no other purpose to life than to fight non-Moslems. Islamic jihadists take joy in fighting, and embrace death, their own, and others, it makes no difference. For infidels and sinners: rape, torture, stoning and beheadings. These people simply see life as a chance to please Allah by killing, enslaving or converting non-Moslems, a stepping-stone to momentary death and eternal paradise.

A Moslem who kills infidels or get killed in trying to fulfil the teachings of the Koran verses 9.5, 9.29 and others, exhorting murder, rape, terror, and torture, is supposedly guaranteed accession to Allah’s paradise, a celestial whorehouse filled with full-breasted, lustrous-eyed eternal virgins for sexual enjoyment of the blessed entrants for all eternity. About the sensual attractions of Allah’s celestial whorehouse, the Koran says:

“As for the righteous (Moslems)… We (Allah) shall wed them to beautiful virgins with lustrous eyes.” (K 44.51-54)
“The righteous (Moslems) they shall triumph… Theirs shall be voluptuous women” (K 78.31-33)

Each blessed martyr of Islam is promised 72 such virgins for perpetual sexual enjoyment. The Islamic paradise is described in the Koran, verses 37.40-48, 44.51-55, 52.17-20, 55.56-58, 70-77, 56.7-40, and 78.31.

Let’s get a little deeper into the budding jihadist’s head. Why would anyone believe this outright bullshit and support such an evil death cult? What turns a ‘regular kinda guy’ into an AK-47-wielding war criminal? Come to that, what is the attraction of socialism for anyone with a double-digit reading age? Could these phenomena be connected?

Freedom means a life of choice and uncertainty. Submission to a fundamentalist ideology removes that choice, and thus, all doubt. Uncertain outcomes are replaced instantly with absolutes. Like other totalitarian cults, both Islam and Communism promise a perfect world to the faithful, one who will sublimate his individuality to that of the founder, the scripture, the priest, herd, mob or state. Strangely, even intelligence, education and position do not protect the fanatic, for he lacks even the tools of maturity and independent reasoning with which to develop basic wisdom. Reality is of no account, for the present ‘transitional struggle’ bears no relation to the eventual utopia, whether on earth or paradise. Deception is all part of Islam’s rich cultural tapestry. Islam assimilates its adherents like a black hole, whose infinite gravity is the capital crime of leaving, or apostasy. Welcome to Hotel Islam. Islam even denies the concept of ‘cause and effect’. With such dysfunctional reasoning programmed into students at the beginning of their lives, or knocked out of new recruits on initiation, Moslems are trapped in a paradigm of unresolvable paradoxes, cognitive dissonance and fear. Moslems are missing the enquiring attitude of Charles Fort.

By Liberphile

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