Forward To The Right

On the first Weekend of August, it seemed that every political force in Ireland was converging on Belfast for a gathering or parade. On Saturday, sodomites celebrating their perversity pranced through the city centre, cheered on by their equally freakish supporters. The same day the National Party held its breath and ventured north. This was the first time that Barrett and his band of merry men had crossed the border to host a conference.

The conference was held at a hotel in the city centre. From our location, a foul stench was detected. We concluded that the Belfast Antifa was hosting their own little gathering, and we were correct. Just up the road in the south of the city, the rainbow coalition of degenerates, race replacement advocates and Human right’s supporting weasels were gathering to parrot the latest liberal claptrap they heard from the Jewish puppeteers in the mass media. From photos I have seen of the Antifa conference, I can say the Antifa contingency was mainly made up of ageing, Che Guevara wannabes; youngsters were almost totally absent. The youth is on our side!

I attended the National Party conference. The average age of attendees was around the thirty mark; all of whom were pleasant and respectable people. Justin delivered another erudite speech and afterwards we spoke in a bar for many hours about the daunting issues facing our people. I cannot speak highly enough of Justin and the goys around him. He is a man with wealth of experience in the political arena and anyone with even a shred of love for country should consider dropping the National Party a message.

The next day the loyal people march against terrorism was held at City hall. Speakers invited from England included English Democrat politician Paul Rimmer, Paul Goulding from Britain First and that girl that follows him around that would probably get it after a couple of beers. They were invited by Belfast’s city councils resident retard Jolene Bunting. I have met Paul Rimmer and can tell you he is a man a fine man with a deep love of all things English. I am glad the speakers railed against Islam, instead of trying to fan the flames of an already tense sectarian situation. The Antifa were able to muster a dozen or so people for a counter-protest as it was a Sunday and the dole office is closed at the weekend. One of their members hurled a tin of juice at the Paul Goulding during a speech and a scuffle broke out. It was all hand bags at dawn kind of stuff. The police, braving the god-awful stench were able to arrest the culprit among the small mob of unwashed communist faggots.

The rally against terrorism did not gather the numbers that were expected, which is a disappointment. The fact that the march was portrayed as a march against all terrorism and not just the inbred, brown people type of terrorism alienated any Irish Catholic with a concern about the importation self-exploding, paedophile worshippers into the fatherland.

By Pat Mustard


  1. We were disappointed not to receive an invite to the meeting, but given JB’s aversion to the Ulster-Scot, not really a surprise. We may have provided support for the NI Against Terrorusm rally via Facebook, but bad weather combined with our distain for Golding’s agenda prevented us from actually supporting an event as pointless as it was incidental.

    • Watch the video of the speech he gave that is posted in the article. JB touches on the issue of Ulster Protestants. It is fair to say he is as sympathetic as any Irish Nationalist politician could be.

      • Yeah, I concur, I have actually read JB’s “The national way forward” and (favourably) reviewed it for Ulster Nation magazine, I even had the yellow press ringing me up in the hope that they could get their hands on a copy.

        In any case we wish JB & his efforts to provide a genuine nationalist alternative to the cosmopolitan gangsters of zSinn Fein, all the very best.

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