Strange Bedfellows

As an Ex-Republican, one cannot feel anything but total despair with Sinn Féin and their Cultural Marxist agenda. Although, it is unfair to say that this is purely a Sinn Féin platform. Many other lesser known groups claim to hold dear the bourgeouis concepts of tolerance, Diversity and human rights. Some of these groups do not even claim to be Irish Republicans. The horrifyingly bald, geriatric socialist Eamonn McCann has been crowing for decades about the plight of Palestinians, Basketball-Americans, etc.

The Bloody Sunday brigade. . . I mean The Bloody Sunday March For Justice has invited numerous diverse weirdos from around the globe to spit out their list of grievances against the totally justifiable shootings of uncooperative, recalcitrant Dindus by heroic white Aryan Super-cops, the equally justifiable and totally hilarious torture of sweaty brown people in Guantanamo Bay and a bunch of other hippy-dippy liberal causes.

The one common denominator here is that the enablers and organizers of these events are exclusively members of the Taig Catholic community. Is there something ingrained in our DNA that encourages this need to virtue signal against our fellow White people in favour of the human debris of the third world? Have we incorporated the Cult of the Victim so deep into our psyche that it is now inextricable? Are the Irish even white?

Whatever the answer, it is unquestionably true that the greatest threat to the existence of our race on this Island is the Northern Catholic political leaders guiding our people off the cliff to their racial doom. It is unfair to critique the mindless mob that follows these traitors like the children in the pied piper story; 98% of people (yes, this is an indisputable fact back by numerous scientific studies) are genetic trash, barely worthy to share this sacred soil with the superior elements of our race, including my modest self. They follow these pre-appointed sacks of shit because they are incapable of anything resembling independent thought.

The Bloody Sunday Rally held once a year in Derry, is the perfect example of this extreme form of virtue signaling. In 2015 , when I lived in the Bogside, I attended the rally. Ushered to the front of the march was Black Lives Matter chimptivist Patrice Cullors. She was the guest speaker that day outside Guildhall. She laboriously droned on and on about fat bastard Michael Browns send-off by Darren “The Great” Wilson. The audience, which was as white as any Klan rally, applauded enthusiastically; one red-haired nerd (probably a coal burner) standing in front of me wept pathetic commie tears during one of the more supposedly poignant sections of the snore fest.

Patrice Leading Black Lives Matter into Battle

Convicted Islamic nutcase Moazzam Begg is a frequent guest at the Rallies. His organization C.A.G.E, an Islamist organization fronting as a charity has created alliances with members of fringe, wacko Dissident groups like The Republican Network For Unity. A friend in attendance at last years event tells me after Moazzams ramblings, Ex-Sinn Féin councilor Angela Nelson approached him to shake his non-ass wiping hand; Mr Begg, being the supreme Islamic gentleman shunned her.

Mr.Begg during his blowing-things-the-fuck-up days.

This is the type of trash our community representatives invite to speak at events commemorating our dead. Our ancestors would be blowing up in their graves if they could see the scum our leaders associate with today!

By Pat Mustard

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