Belfast Antifa save Gods Holylands from the Fascists

To give a short “wud happened” to y’all, as fresher’s week hit Belfast at the end of last September the same old rhetoric hits the news, “drunk students get drunk, fall over, shoot cats, hurl racial slur at Roma gypsies…” well that’s exactly what happened! Students got pissed then threw racial slurs at some brown people. From what was reported (and we should always believe reporters) horrid phrases such as “go home” and “you’re not from here” and worst of all “Where’s your GAA top ya Paki Hun bastard” travelled through the brown ears of the uninvited leeches. Hardly a Dylan Roof incident, but there you go.

To put it all in perspective, the Holylands (where these verbal lynchings seem to take place) is cheap housing close to Queens University and other hotspots. Therefore, it is full of students and the only other people willing to live there i.e. Ethnics but more precisely Roma Gypsies. This has lead to tensions over the years; nothing serious but when these subhuman’s pick rotten food out of bins, continuously rob/pickpocket our people and let their children run wild like something out of Lord of the Flies, it’s not hard to see how things might boil over after a tequila too many.

The Irish News and other news outlets like the Telegraph and BBC jumped and worked themselves into a frenzy. They Interviewed poor hung-over students and asked them the most ridiculous questions; for example “do you agree with the Romanians living here?” No student with an IQ above 2 could or would give anything closely resembling a truthful answer, lest he find himself the focus of a P.C witch hunt and certainly in trouble with the University authorities.



The whole ordeal got so serious that the P.S.N.I sent their finest fat bastards door to door asking students about the ‘racial incident’. The entire episode was instigated by the media; I thought I’d seen the last of it.

Until the Lord rose again! Then in came the Antifascists with their placards proclaiming their love of diversity and how bloody great it is to have Gypsies living right next door to you. It’s not like you can tell the smelly commies that there a dozen thieving brown people next door who sit about smoking fegs and nicking stuff out of skips all day (and this is the crème de la crème of their race), otherwise the SS (no disrespect to the original SS who were a fine bunch of lads) of Amnesty will come knocking – labelling you a fascist, reporting you to the university authorities and trying to literally destroy your life just as you are beginning adulthood.

Most people know the Holylands is a dump filled with the trashier element of the student population but even to put people like those students living there over the edge would take some sort of primitive, delinquent folk – enter the Roma people.

A quick look at Antifa Faceberg page and you will see how much nobody gives a fuck what they say. They strut around as the champion of the common folk, saving the city from Hitler and the Third Reich, when what the whole episode boiled down to was a few drunken students calling a “Paki” a “Paki.”

On the online student anonymous media site Yikyak which is normally very left wing by nature, we see little support for the AF; people do not like the Roma, and they shouldn’t. One person commented: “I understand the leaflet and all, but it’s hard to get away from the fact they have organised beggars and making a great wage from it. Also shuffling in bins and throwing stuff everywhere…seems to be the norm” and “this is all bullshit” and “Roma families have their children running in and out of random houses.”



My favourite part of the leaflet they were handing is the part where they claim to know what the vast majority of people want; apparently it’s more immigration? Who knew, definitely not the opinion polls on immigration or the majority in the referendum. That is the dogma the “Enlightened” middle class socialists have been spoon fed from birth and considering what is now drilled into the minds of the young in our Education/Indoctrination system and through the hegemonic Jewish-American media, in the short term, they will have a numerical advantage but their claim to stand shoulder to shoulder with the working people will fall on deaf ears as future generations are forced to come face-to-face with the realities of Multiculturalism and The Great Replacement.

They are in their essence essentially an Anti-white working class mob made up of self-hating but determined Communists. Throughout the west young whites are recognising they face an existential threat and they are mobilising. The dystopian world Antifa envisage; a world of fast food and incest; a world where no differences , ethnicities, and races can exist – just one “super” hybrid race, drunk and drugged up, all clinging to the trash Pop culture produced by hand-rubbing, hook-nosed Merchants. Such a race still could not be worse than the Roma, though. But that doesn’t really say much for the mystery meat race of the future.

By Billy The Great

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