Tyrants, Hypocrites, Liars

Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness, left, and Gerry Adams join members of the public for a vigil in support of the refugees crisis abroad as some hundreds of people gathered at Belfast city hall, Northern Ireland, Monday, Sept. 7, 2015. Vigils were held across many city's in Ireland for the 'Humanitarian tragedy', following Belfast's vigil a special meeting of the council, was held. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

The treacherous pseudo-nationalists Sinn Féin, in their ten point plan for dealing with the barbarian invasion of Europe have stated: “Ireland should commit to taking one refugee per every 1,000 of our population. This would see Ireland take approximately 4,500-5,000 refugees this [every] year. It is important to note that Sinn Féin would not put an upper limit on it. We must not only do our fair share, but more than our fair share given our own emigrant history.”

This often made argument that Irishmen, women, and children in previous centuries migrated in their millions to foreign lands, and thus, we must open our arms, and our women their legs, to the religion of peaceful head choppers and the dregs of Black Africa would be laughable if not for the fact that many of our people give credence to this specious argument. The Irish influx into the United States and Britain during the great hunger had a devastating effect on the native workers’ ability to find employment and provide for their family.

The incoming Irish population also brought with them other problems in the form of typhus and a love for the liquor that all too often ended with Mick and Paddy spending the weekend in the slammer. By the end of the 19th century the descendants of those that sailed into the United States on coffin ships were, on average, more wealthy (wealth being a major indicator of success) than the native population. They made immense contributions to American arts, sciences and war efforts; whereas the exotic creatures Europe has been importing since the end of the Second World War lie clinging to the bottom rung of the ladder in every society we find them. Prisons now operate as recruitment centres for Jihadists; large areas of some of Europe’s greatest cities resemble the slums of Africa and Asia.


That glaring contradiction between our emigrants and the incoming hordes does not give the nation wreckers pause for thought, though. On world Refugee day (who knew this was a thing?) Martina Anderson, the aspiring scarecrow and soon-to-be Jobless M.E.P bleated: “The international community and the EU in particular, must step up its effort to stop conflict, and protect those fleeing persecution. We also need action to stop intimidation and offensive attitudes and behaviour against those who come here seeking shelter and protection.”

In other words, the sagging, childless hag would like to see laws on the books that would deter people from voicing their righteous fears as an army of groping, illiterate bearded children descend upon the civilised nations of the earth. Martina, like most women on this godforsaken rainy rock, is proud to call herself a feminist, and like her mentally deficient ilk in the wider Western world, she sees not the slightest contradiction in inviting the sons of a civilisation possessed by a psychopathic hatred of the her sex and her championing of female empowerment. The incoming Sub-Saharan Africans need not a holy book based on the life of a desert dwelling romancer of children to behave in ways that sicken the civilised world.



In a strange turn of events that could only happen on a weird Island like ours, the very people that reduced towns and cities to rubble, in the name of Irish nationalism are now the biggest cheerleaders for the destruction of the historic Irish nation. Non IRA leader Gerry Adams stands outside city halls in solidarity with obese African women clutching their passports; whaling about their lack of free stuff. Martin McGuinness, before his dance with death visited Islamic centres, bleating the usual egalitarian spiel to groups of scimitar waving zealots. And yet, voters in the north and increasingly in the south go the polls and cast their ballots for these cretins. McGuinness and Adams draped themselves in the tricolour and stained it with the blood of thousands of our people; they rallied and led men to their death in the name of nationhood. The entire time they have aggressively pushed their own brand of left wing politics.

 When the IRA split in 1969, those who walked out of the meeting formed the Provisional IRA.  Adams stayed with the Marxist official IRA. Later, as the provisional’s started to gain support among the catholic population Adams switched sides and joined the Provos.

After the split had already occurred, McGuinness joined the Official IRA. Ed Maloney, journalist and the author of A secret history of the IRA, puts Adams’ decision to stay seated during the walkout down to his opportunism. The beard claimed he was making a nuisance of himself at the anti-Apartheid rally in Dublin and was not in attendance. Others at the meeting claim he was there and stayed with the Marxists. It later came to light that there was no Anti-Apartheid rally that day. Martin’s decision, it is said, was due to the supposed confusion that followed the split. Most likely, he (and Adams) saw a growing movement and jumped ship; taking their toxic ideas with them. The original leaders of the PIRA (Billy McKee, Jimmy Steele and Seán “the English Irishman” macstíofán being the most prominent) were pious Catholics and traditional nationalists. They loathed the Marxist politics that had embedded itself within the republican movement after Cathal Goulding assumed power.

Long before the Good Friday agreement the far-left ideology of the duo but especially Adams became official Sinn Féin policy. Today fag marriage, solidarity with inbred Palestinians and the diversification of the country are now considered Irish republican ideals. In April 1998 at the party Ard Fheis, before the signing of the Good Friday agreement, Sinn Féin passed motion twenty six and twenty seven. What are these motions you speak of, Fenian, I hear you say? Motion twenty six contained the following: “Sinn Féin will work for the achievement of the optimum position of no restriction into Ireland.” Motion twenty seven states: “Sinn Féin deplores all attempts to limit the numbers of all political and economic refugees into Ireland.”

 Let that sink in for a minute! The political wing of a paramilitary whose sole purpose was to drive the “foreign” British government from this country, have, as a party policy (it was backed unanimously, in case you were wondering) an open borders agenda, in a country still struggling from the economic devastation of the last crash; as tens of thousands of our own young people leave their land in search of employment. In the warped world of Gerry and Martin, anyone that can get their dusky hands on a Celtic jersey is as much a Gael as the O’Neill.

Adams and McGuinness will go to their graves as patriots; their funerals attended by tens of thousands. Sinn Féin and their supporters will stand by gravesides as orators declare them modern Ireland’s Wolfetone and Emmet. In truth, they are the Lundy’s of our people. The Gaelic race has never before produced a generation as wilfully treacherous as this one and never one as dangerous and able as this band of frauds. Future generations growing up in the multicultural dystopia they championed and helped bring about will curse their memory.

By Fenian O’Flaherty

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