Monster in face, Monster in soul

One only has to look at the lefty cockroaches that attend anti-racism rallies as a sign of solidarity with the poor, put-upon interlopers our elites are importing as our replacements; or the purple haired freaks that pack the streets during gay pride weekend to know that these spectacles are nothing more than gatherings for the parasitic, ugly, idiotic, genetic rubbish of humanity. These rallies and parades give the worthless a platform to lambaste the normal and superior elements of society about the lack of tolerance for their unnatural behaviour and retarded worldview.

Such is my want for self-triggering and confirmation bias, last summer; I took the train north and attended Belfast’s very own sodomite pride freak show. The first thing I noticed was the disturbing volume of children present. The younglings, of course, did not jump on the bus into town to wave fag flags and watch drugged up and drunken men in mini-skirts prance down the street screeching political slogans. No! They were dragged into the Capital to watch this spectacle by their brainless guardians.

One such creep I spoke with brought his grandson to observe. He told me, as he spied the scantly-clad trannies: “This place has really changed for the better.” Personally, I would prefer the carnage of a car bomb to the scenes I subjected myself to that day. Among the various other causes championed during the parade was Black lives Matter (I recall this little troupe was peopled by white women, all of whom looked as if they had swallowed a waterbed and an exotic import from the land before time), women’s group appalled at the very existence of men, and a band of crippled and deformed rejects.

Aside from a few attractive women I saw among the seventy thousand in attendance, the attendees were unsightly, unhealthy and clearly devoid of any worthy character attributes. They ranged from adolescent girls in hot pants openly drinking Vodka and cider to leering old perverts on the prowl. I saw an actual Gimp (I’m sure he’s a swell guy), a couple of girls in assless jeans, and one teenage girl; no more that fourteen, wearing a see-through vest. The police joked and laughed with the participants and did nothing to my knowledge to arrest any of the drunks, those urinating in public, the harlots that were indecently exposed, or those making threats towards the Christians. The Christians, in contrast, were well kept, spoke eloquently and none of them looked as though they were under the influence of speed.

Over the next few days I mulled over what I had experienced. The behaviour was unsettling but not really surprising. What stuck out for me was the poor physical quality of the people I encountered. The physical make up of our enemies was something that eluded my attention until that day. The young men I encountered were scrawny and effeminate. There was no buff and waxed homos to be found. The women, who in my estimation constituted for four out of five attendees were either deathly thin, or were of such a mammoth size that a handful could probably plug the hole in the O-zone layer.

In previous centuries nature would have eliminated these drags from the gene pool. Unfortunately, advancements in medicine, food production, water treatment systems and the introduction of welfare policies has given the grotesque wretches the means to survive and breed.

The physical appearance of the left has not escaped the notice of academia. A Stanford university study showed the participants that rated themselves unattractive and low status were more likely to donate to liberal causes, whereas those who thought themselves attractive and high status were less likely to hand over their hard earned shekels to life’s losers to spend on weed and butt plugs. This study has been replicated numerous times. More recently, The Journal of public Economics produced a study on the attractiveness of politicians and the voting trends of the plebs. The study highlighted:

1) Politicians on the right look more beautiful in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

2) As beautiful people earn more, they are more likely to oppose redistribution.

3) Voters use beauty as a cue for conservatism in low-information elections.

4) Politicians on the right benefit more from beauty in low-information elections.



Vice Stud of the United states Mike “zap the gay” Pence



Margaret Beckett
British nation-wrecking Leftist Margaret Beckett

Are the poor aesthetic qualities of the progressive a reflection of a spiritual rottenness created by the post-modern world; or are these physical attributes genetic? The science would suggest it is mainly biological. We sense (correctly) that features like bilateral symmetry, good stature, healthy skin, and athleticism are indicators of good genes. Attractive people also tend to be more intelligent.

But I would not totally discount the effects the social matrix in which these people find themselves in plays. An article on the manosphere website Return of Kings, 27 Attractive girls who became ugly freaks because of feminism, demonstrates the power ideology can have on an individual. Before being spiritually contaminated by feminism the young thots pictured were the type of girls most men would happily knock up and relegate to the kitchen and bedroom. The article contained these harrowing photos of this tragic pattern.




From an evolutionary standpoint, the leeches that make up the voter base of the modern left are a catastrophe. They live and thrive on the humanity and advancement of others. Until we can halt their reproductive capabilities and undermine their culture hegemony, the leftist ideologues and (((other))) vested interests that depend on a surplus of the thick, unproductive and visually repellent segment of the population as a voter base will soon find themselves in a position of entrenched and total power as that base grows. Marx predicted the sheer force of numbers of the proletariat (ugly, low-IQ, uncreative) would eventually overwhelm the bourgeoisie (attractive, high-IQ, innovative). Maybe the neurotic chosenite was right about something, after all.

By Fenian O’Flaherty

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  1. Great article Fenian, I wouldn’t have had the stomach to brave a freak show like that. At least these people tend to self-destruct at a higher rate due to drugs and mental illness. Not to mention many are child sexual abuse victims (who then go on to become abusers).

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